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How to Trade Cryptocurrencies Online? Essential Steps for Taking Profits

|Updated March 6, 2023 07:01

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new asset that has only emerged in the past decade, and as such, there is still much uncertainty. Nevertheless, many people succeed in trading cryptocurrencies, with some even becoming millionaires overnight.

Like the notorious advertising, spot said many years ago, "you can quote it, disagree with it, glorify or vilify it, but the one thing you can't do is ignore it because it changes things."

Do you want to learn how to trade crypto? Well, most people do, but it's important to know how to take profits effectively. This cryptocurrency trading guide will discuss the best way to trade cryptocurrency, strategies for taking profits, and some tips to help you maximize your earnings. 

With careful planning and execution, you can make the most of your crypto profits and ensure a successful trading career. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Trading cryptocurrencies is the act of buying and selling cryptocurrencies to make profits between the opening and closing prices. Cryptocurrencies are often traded against other assets such as fiat currencies (USD, EUR), other cryptocurrencies (BTC/ETH), or commodities such as gold and oil. For example, on Mitrade you can trade BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD pairs online.

You can use technical analysis or news to analyze and identify the ideal time to trade crypto. Whether you want to speculate the price of cryptocurrencies or purchase Spot crypto assets, you should pay attention to the value, volatility, liquidity, and risk associated.

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Reading Crypto Price Charts

The best way to learn Crypto trading is to understand charts and patterns. Now let's explore crucial components, including candlesticks, open, short, and price fluctuations.

Candles charts: Each bar you see in the chart represents a timeframe unit. If you are trading a 1-hour chart, each candle represents one hour. The same applies if you watch a 15-minute frame; every candle shows the performance in 15 minutes.

Red candles are considered drops in prices, while green candles represent an increase in value.


A candlestick chart is a chart built with candles. It is a visual tool that follows price fluctuations and is among the most popular chart types in the cryptocurrency market.

Technical indicators: tools that help analyze the market and improve your trading performance. You can add the statistical studies to your chart from the library in your platform.

Please see our candlestick chart patterns article if you want to know more crypto technical analysis.

How to Trade Cryptocurrency Online?

Understanding how to make money while trading in cryptocurrencies is not complex, but making a buck in the real market is a different story altogether. But with sufficient know-how and practice, you can join the league of profitable traders. Here are essential things you should know when buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

Going long

Going long in a position is buying an instrument when you think the price will go up, hoping to sell at a more significant profit. In this case, you make money from the difference between the opening and closing prices: Buy cheap and sell expensive.


Going short

Going short is the complete opposite of going long. A short position is when you sell an asset hoping you will buy it cheaper. You believe the price will go down. So, as a trader, you will make money with the difference between buying and selling cryptocurrency.


A Bitcoin trading example

A classic sample of making money with cryptocurrencies is what happened in 2017 and 2018. Let's assume you were an early Bitcoin adopter, and you bought BTCs in January 2017 because you felt cryptos were the future. Then, the crypto king became popular, proliferating to a four-digit rally. It grew from $1,000 per BTC to close at $19,000 in December, making an incredible 1,870% profit.

After all the fuss, Bitcoin started losing value, and you decided to open a short position in January 2018. The coin plunged from $16,000 to $3,700 in February 2019, making a decent 76% profit in just a year.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

There are numerous strategies to trade cryptocurrencies. But what's the best plan? As you know, there is no grail or secret sauce when investing. It requires hard work and hours of practice.

Day trading cryptocurrency

A day trader is a person who opens positions and closes them within the same day. So, day trading crypto doesn't involve overnight cryptocurrency trades. You can use different timeframes, but the principal characteristic is that trades run for a few hours.

You watch for volatility and short-term movements such as breakouts, scalping, or reversals when day trading. It offers a relatively high return ratio, but it involves riskier bets.

Crypto swing trading

Swing trading is a technique that involves short to middle-term investments. It is designed to make profits from extended movements or trends. Remember, the trend is your friend.

In cryptocurrencies, swing trading involves positions that last between two days and two weeks. However, you can hold the positions for months. As a swing trader, you always watch out for pullbacks, resistance, and support levels.

Long-term HODL in cryptocurrencies

As the crypto market is relatively young, most movements are violent. The brokers, traders, and the whole industry, in general, are still developing. For that reason, many experts don't trade cryptos as a long-term investment. However, if you believe in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you can find good trading opportunities whether BTC/USD is trading at 1,0000 or 10,0000 per unit. So, go ahead and invest in cryptos.


How to Choose the Crypto Trading Platform?

It is imperative that traders follow all developments in the crypto market. Therefore, you must choose a platform that shows price fluctuations and enables you to track the impact of news events on cryptocurrencies. So, what is the best cryptocurrency trading platform?

Well, it all depends on your needs and skills as a trader. However, a good platform should have low fees and no premiums on withdrawals or deposits. Additionally, it should be easy to use and provide demo accounts to all new and existing clients. What's more, users should enjoy a network with low latency and fast execution.

You will agree that safeguarding your money is perhaps the most important thing. A suitable broker should be well-regulated in at least one of the advanced financial economies, including the US, Europe, Australia, Switzerland, and Japan.

This is where Mitrade comes in handy. It is a leading trading platform, especially in trading cryptocurrencies on margin.

How To Trade Crypto with Mitrade

Mitrade is an ASIC-regulated Forex broker. It provides the hottest global trading instruments. You can trade over 300 markets with 0 commission and low spreads. Mitrade provides reasonable leverage based on different trading instruments (crypto 1:2, Gold 1:20, major forex 1:30). It also protects you against negative balances, allowing you to control the trading risk. You, therefore, maintain peace of mind as you trade.


To start trading Bitcoin with margin, follow these steps:

Step1: Create an account online (choose demo or live account)

Step2:Search the markets you want to trade, such as Bitcoin (BTCUSD)

Step3:Open a long or short position (seize the market opportunity when the prices rise or drop)

Step4:Set up your order, take profit, stop-loss, etc.

Step5:Confirm the trade


 - place a BTCUSD order on mitrade -

Why Choose Mitrade?

✅ Competitive Fee, 24-hour Trading

Zero commissions, low overnight fees, and competitive and transparent spreads. All costs will show on your deals order.

✅ Low Deposit with Leverage

The minimum size per trade is as low as 0.01 lots. Leverage up to 30:1.

✅ Trade Anytime Anywhere

You will enjoy seamless trading via a web platform and iOS and Android mobile apps.

✅ Good liquidity, efficient and convenient

Trade 24 hours/day with more flexibility and efficiency.

Well, Mitrade is a well-established and regulated broker and trading platform. You can start your account with just a few bucks at zero commissions and competitive spreads.

Finally, you don't have to worry about cryptocurrency ownership or wallet security. This is because you don't hold any assets in your account. Instead, you trade and make money from the price difference between the opening and closing price. Try and test the platform and then go live.

Why Cryptocurrencies Trading is Popular?

Volatility:  Volatility in the crypto market is the drums in a song, the heart in a body, and the gas of your car. It powers the market and provides you with unlimited possibilities to go long or short.

This means, despite the wild movements, volatility is good. However, it comes with a high possibility of getting burned and requires a great deal of discipline.

Cryptocurrency never sleeps:  The cryptocurrency market is open 24 hours, seven days a week. Also, you don't need to wait for confirmations; crypto transactions are settled in real-time. Additionally, the market is very liquid.

Liquidity:  As mentioned, the crypto market has high liquidity and is always open. It offers excellent opportunities to open a trade. More importantly,  many cryptocurrencies in the market are tradable with other cryptos and fiat currencies. This means there is a massive amount of cash and many players involved.

New tokens are released every day: New tokens and digital coins are released regularly, meaning new opportunities emerge daily. Remember, Bitcoin - the pioneer crypto has been around for 12 years. The crypto market is at the infancy stage, and more will come.

What Affects Cryptocurrency Prices?

Several factors affect the prices of cryptocurrencies. However, market sentiment is the leading cause of digital asset fluctuations.

Regulation:  All new crypto-related news and attempts to regulate existing and new digital assets can cause cryptocurrency price fluctuations. For instance, every time developed economy make laws about Bitcoin and altcoins, buying or selling pressure increases on the coins.

Technology updates:  There is the technology behind every cryptocurrency and its network. Technology upgrades or changes, and new implementations in the industry, push the price up.

Market sentiment:  In the investment market, sentiment is everything; it is the base of every economy and the gas that fuels purchases and sales. Cryptocurrencies are not different. A good example is the 2017 rally, when everybody believed it was the beginning of the crypto era. Similarly, a big sale followed in 2018 when people thought it was too soon for a digital token economy.

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Do you pay taxes on cryptocurrency trading?

Yes, you do pay taxes on cryptocurrency trading. However, the taxable regulations are different in each country. We strongly recommend you check the tax rules in your state regarding crypto investments and holdings.

Which cryptocurrency is best for trading?

Crypto coins that recorded the fastest growth in 2021 include Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Chainlink (LINK), Terra (LUNA), Polkadot (DOT), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Polygon (MATIC). Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the most traded cryptocurrencies.

When should you trade cryptocurrency?

You must first learn technical analysis, how to read price charts, and current market trends to know when to buy or trade cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you need to learn some essential indicators such as the Support and Resistance, Moving average (MA), and Bollinger bands.

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